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Work & Study Programme

ELI Schools is an English language training company offering high quality tuition and accommodation services, with two schools in Ireland.

Our Locations

Students can choose to study in Dublin, the capital or Ireland, or in Drogheda a small city just 45 minutes from Dublin by train.

35 minutes from Dublin city & airport.

15 minutes-walk from Trinity College.

The Destination

Nestled between Dublin and Belfast and home to 50,000 people, Drogheda retains a lovely small-town atmosphere and a history that dates back 5,000 years. A safe small town, yet it’s packed with things to see & do. with plenty of high street shops and authentic Irish culture, Drogheda is the perfect destination for groups.

The Destination

As a young modern city Dublin is bustling with art, music, theatre & culture and the city-centre is small and easy to get around. Our school is located just a short stroll from all the best shopping, entertainment and cultural areas, making it an ideal location for students looking for a city experience.

The School

Our large school is located in a beautiful old warehouse building on the waterfront just 5 minutes-walk from the main shopping and cultural areas. Our classrooms are bright & spacious with unique & colourful artwork and comfortable seating. Our café serves delicious snacks and students have plenty of space to relax and unwind in our games room.

The School

Housed in a beautiful building beside the canal, our classrooms have large windows and high ceilings and the open spaces are brightly coloured with interesting artwork and funky furniture. Our café serves both healthy and more indulgent snacks at very affordable prices with comfortable seating and an outdoor garden terrace for when the sun shines.

Facilities & Location

  • 20 Classrooms
  • Located on the waterfront with a view

  • 5 minute-walk from the best attractions.

  • 20-minute commute to host families.

  • Tours and transfers from outside school.

Facilities & Location

  • 11 Classrooms
  • 15 minute-walk from the best attractions
  • Easy access from all forms of public transport.
  • Professional area, safe & quiet Beside the canal, close to Google & Facebook 

Top 5 reasons to choose

1.  Small historic town 30 minutes from Dublin.
2.  Large beautiful school with games room.
3.  20-minute bus or walk from host families
4.  5-minute walk to main areas & shops
5.  Loads to explore in surrounding area.

Top 5 reasons to choose

1.  Small, modern city full of history & culture
2.  Fantastic choice of activities & attractions
3.  Beautiful school, 15 minutes from main areas.
4.  Perfect for smaller groups, can accept all sizes.
5.  Safe city, easy to explore and enjoy on foot


Our Academic Year programme includes 25 weeks of tuition, a globally recognised exit examination and an 8-week holiday over an 8-month period.

Entry requirement

Students can start any Monday. They must be 18 and have a minimum A1 level

Study period

Students can choose to study in the morning, or in the afternoon for a discounted price.



In total students may study for a total of three consecutive 8-month programmes over a 24-month period on condition they pass the exit exam at the end of each period.


All students enrolled on this programme are required to sit a recognised exam if they want to register for another programme.


We include the cost of one course book in the material fee. If students change class/level, they will need to buy a new book at the cost €35.


This programme includes 8 weeks of holidays within an 8-month visa. There are strict rules around holidays that we must enforce. Holidays with a minimum duration of 2 weeks can only be taken after 6 weeks and students can only take a holiday that is equal to 1/3 of the tuition period completed.


Included in package fees, there is a week of host family accommodation. Either in Dublin or Drogheda, takes up to 45 min. in bus to get to the school. If you choose to be placed in a student residence, prices are per week and may vary. Residences are located 20-30 minutes away from schools (walking distance).

Medical Insurance

Every student joining the programme is required to have appropriate medical insurance for the duration of the 8-month visa. We provide for Medical Insurance in our package.


Students are entitled to work 20 hours per week throughout their course, and full-time from June to September, and 15th December to 15th January

Tuition Plan

Once confirmed on the programme all students will receive a programme plan that will list dates for tuition, holidays and planned exam periods.

Level Test

Students will be given an induction interview & speaking test with a member of the academic team on their first day of school to determine their current and planned exit level

Student Card

ELI Schools have partnered with ISIC (International Student Identity Card) which offers our students discounts on travel, shopping and entertainment. Student card costs €20.

Irish Bank Account

ELI Schools will provide students will support to open an Irish bank account. The process takes up to 4 weeks from arrival.


Every student on the Academic Year Programme must register with GNIB (local immigration) within weeks of arrival in Ireland. To register with GNIB, students studying in Dublin must apply for an appointment online. Most appointments are available within 6 weeks of the date of booking of the appointment. New appointment times are released every day at 06:00am GMT. Students studying in Drogheda will have an appointment arranged for them in a local GNIB office. Students need to pay €300 by card at the time of the appointment. Your IRP card will be sent to your Irish address within 7 days.


Packages ELI Dublin  ELI Drogheda ELI Dublin ELI Drogheda
25 weeks tuition
Trinity ISE Exam
Medical Insurance
Leaner Protection
1 course book & materials
1-week shared host family
Airport Transfer
15 Hours Morning
€4,250 €3,750 20 Hours Morning
€5,625 €5,000
15 Hours Afternoon
€3,750 €3,375 20 Hours Afternoon
€5,000 €4,500
Accommodation & Transfer Dublin Drogheda
Single room half-board host family €200 €200
Single room self-catering residence €320 N/A
Arrival airport transfer €80 €80