The most popular TV series that can help you with your English

In the field of add-ons to support our learning in English, there is a wide variety of resources ranging from websites, mobile applications, video channels to even video games. In today’s case, we will discuss one of the most popular, engaging, rich in language and fun resources that most English students use very frequently these days: television series.


1.Sense8: This series of Neftlix has been one of the most valued worldwide due to the multicultural cast that is present in the plot, which allows us to appreciate a wide variety of accents.

2. The Simpsons: The yellow family represents an international classic for many years now. The magic formula is the short plots, simple and close language and hillarious situations. It’s a great tool for the review of English for all ages.

3.Friends: One of the most famous TV series of all time, Friends is especially suitable for all those interested in American English. In addition, it represents an unbeatable exhibition of a large number of phrases and expressions made in the English language with the best humor or sarcastic.

4.How I met your mother: This TV series is also a good and fun way to increase our vocabulary and our listening comprehension.

5.Mad Men. Set in the USA of the 60s, the benefit in this series is in the large number of phrases (idioms)  and popular expressions, especially in the specific vocabulary about the business world and advertising.

6. Luther. This BBC television series is recognized by its followers as a perfect example of accent and pronunciation and it is a good alternative for all those interested learning the famous “BBC English” but who do not want to listen to TV news.

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