The best online dictionaries for the student

If you are already determined to increase your level of languages during this course or even if you are not yet, you may find this list of online language dictionaries interesting.

1.Oxford Dictionary. This complete dictionary contains translations for a total of 2.3 billion terms, including the latest in each of the languages.

2.Spanishdict. In principle designed for English speakers who are learning Spanish, it is also a very useful tool for those who are carrying out the reverse path. That is, to learn English. The translations that are obtained go from the simplest to the most advanced terms.

3.Wordreference. This dictionary able to execute translations of about 17 different languages is one of the most popular because of its simplicity, the quality of its translations and the plurality of options.

4.The Free Dictionary. Commonly used for English translations, this dictionary also offers translation in 14 other languages.

5.Ludwig. Of recent creation, the site Ludwig is going to be a web of reference to obtain the translation of about 14 different languages. With a very intuitive and simple design, the student has at his disposal such useful sections as the “Speech Recognition” This site, used by more than 70 million users per month, gets its reliability from the database that it uses: The Century Dictionary, one of the most widely used dictionaries in the US.

7.Urban dictionary. In this case, we are talking about the dictionary that agglutinates in its database the terms, expressions and new words most used in the English language.

Now we have some references of online dictionaries for quick and accurate queries in the language you are going to study. We can now launch ourselves into the study and perfection of that language that resists you!

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