The 7 best social networks to learn languages

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…The possibilities to connect socially on the Internet nowadays are endless and define without a doubt our way of relating and even many of our habits. But what if we told you that there are social networks specifically designed for language learning? Check this out!


1.Busuu. It has about 50 million registered users from more than 200 countries and it has features that are very similar to Facebook, such as friend requests, groups and chats.

2.Lingualia. It allows you to use the language you want with users from other countries, make new contacts and get questions answered almost instantaneously.

3.Italki. This social network is characterized by connecting registered users with about 5000 teachers, called community teachers, in about 100 different languages.

4.Livemocha. This site has more than 16 million registered profiles of almost 200 countries. Most of its resources like audio-chats are totally free.

5.Babbel. In its aspect of social network, it has a forum where you can chat with thousands of users in the language of our choice.

6.Skype. Known worldwide for being a prestigious on-line tool for video calling, Skype also offers us the opportunity to participate in the community that has been especially designed for language learning.

7.Babelyou. A community where there are more than 200 countries and more than 40 different languages in which you can find resources as useful as video-chats and a multitude of sections.

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