5 tips to master your English

In the present post we bring you 5 essential tips so that you can master you English  in a relatively short period of time. Here they go!

1. Fully qualified teachers. Check that in your academy the sessions are taught by fully qualified teachers. Make sure that the classes are focused on communication. Do not forget to put special emphasis on the specific vocabulary of your professional field. Every minute in class is gold!

2. Consistant exposure to the language. The difference between a normal and an excellent learning is that you get as much exposure to the language between sessions in the school. This can be done in many ways: watching movies or series (Netflix is a great tool for this) , reading a book, connecting with people through social networksing sites in English, etc.

3. Post-it. Your best allies. Post-its are an essential tool as you progress in your learning. Have Post-its in your pocket or bag so you can take notes of all those aspects you have questions about and ask them in class. In this way, you can highlight the things you must put more effort on.

4. Pronunciation. It will do you no good to have an excellent command of grammar and vocabulary if, at the time of speaking, you can’t pronounce words correctly. In this case, the best antidote is to reinforce this skill constantly and for that we have plenty of resources, both “online” (the Google translator is a good example, but there are many other websites) and “off line” (language exchange groups).

5. Keep at it! A new language for the brain works like any other learning: if it is not practiced, over time it is partially forgotten. The best solution for this is never stop having contact with the English language even if you have already fulfilled your academic objectives. Remember English is a language that enables you to communicate with millions of people from around the world!

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