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 Why Ireland?

Ireland is a small, safe and beautiful country. It is located on an island in North West Europe and it is the primary English-speaking country in the EU. It has a population of 4.5 million, where 50% of the people are under the age of 30. Ireland is famous for hospitality and the Irish people are naturally warm & welcoming.


As a young modern city Dublin is bustling with art, music, theatre and culture. The city centre is small and easy to get around. Our School is located just a short stroll from all the best shopping, entertainment and cultural areas.

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Only 30 minutes away from Dublin and home to 50,000 people, we feature Drogheda, which retains a lovely small-town atmosphere. It’s packed with things to see and do. Our school is right at the waterfront and just 5 minutes away from the best shopping and entertainment areas.

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