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 High School in Ireland

At ELI we enable students to challenge themselves both personally and academically, while Ireland and it’s people provide an ideal safe & secure learning environment. For many of our students it is their first time away from home without their parents, so our primary goal is to ensure they receive the care and support they deserve so as to maximise their time here. We have designed all of our services to achieve these goals and to provide a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their independence and acquire the life & language skills to thrive in the modern world.


Hand-picked selection of schools with strong academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities.


Dedicated small team with a low staff to student ratio to ensure close personal care.


We offer regular real contact with each student, visiting at least once per month throughout their experience.


We also provide students with an out of hours emergency phone contact service.


All staff have undergone Child Safeguard Training & we have a clearly defined and implemented Child Protection Policy.


We are fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


We select our host families for the welcome and care they will provide. They are all inspected by our team and have passed Police checks.


We closely monitor and send regular reports on each student’s progress & attend all parent-teacher meetings.


We pride ourselves on implementing the highest levels of guardianship, protection & monitoring standards to ensure every child is provided the best quality care. There are a number of companies providing a form of guardianship service but unfortunately not all are sufficient. We strongly encourage all parents and agents to consider the service each provider will offer and how it will care for their child. Students face many challenges when studying abroad including homesickness, cultural differences and language difficulties. For many this is their first experience away from home and it’s critical that parents choose the right partner so their child is not left feeling alone and unsupported.

What can you expect from our service?

— Expert advice & assistance in finding the right school for your requirements.

— A single room in a friendly host family who have been fully inspected by us and vetted by the police.

— A detailed orientation on arrival to help students settle into the experience, with training & tips on how to integrate into their family & school and how to make friends.

— Assistance with buying any school uniform or books required.

— A dedicated advisor who will meet each student regularly on an individual basis, at least once per month, and will provide detailed reports after each meeting.

— Regular reports on student progress and attendance at all parent-teacher meetings and official school reports at the end of the programme.

— Mediation if issues arise in the host family or in the school. We always represent the best interests of the child. If changes need to be made we will not hesitate to react.

— Dedicated 24/7 support and if your child gets sick or needs assistance we will be there to support them.

— We provide support & documentation if students need to apply for a visa or to visit local immigration.

Our families

At ELI we thoroughly believe that finding the right host family is as crucial as finding the right school. Providing a safe & secure home is a basic requirement, but we want much more than this for our students. We want them to immerse themselves in our language and culture, and to engage with it every day. Staying with the right family is critical to feeling truly happy and to creating those memories that will last a lifetime. We are very proud of the welcome our families provide and the relationship we have with them. Although all of our families are paid a fee, money is not their only motivator. The majority have children of their own and can see the value that welcoming a student can bring to their own family. It is this spirit of sharing that helps to create a wonderful experience for all.

Would you like more information?

If you would like more information on our programme, including a simple explanation of the Irish Education system and the type of schools we work with, please contact us on hello@elischools.com

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