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 High School in Ireland

At ELI we enable students to challenge themselves both personally and academically, while Ireland and it’s people provide an ideal safe & secure learning environment. For many of our students it is their first time away from home without their parents, so our primary goal is to ensure they receive the care and support they deserve so as to maximise their time here. We have designed all of our services to achieve these goals and to provide a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their independence and acquire the life & language skills to thrive in the modern world.


Hand-picked selection of schools with strong academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities.


Dedicated small team with a low staff to student ratio to ensure close personal care.


We offer regular real contact with each student, visiting at least once per month throughout their experience.


A free weekly English club offers students further opportunity to improve their English with the option to sit globally recognised exams


We select our host families for the welcome and care they will provide. They are all inspected by our team and have passed Police checks.


We closely monitor and send regular reports on each student’s progress & attend all parent-teacher meetings.


We also provide students with an out of hours emergency phone contact service.


All staff have undergone Child Safeguard Training & we have a clearly defined and implemented Child Protection Policy.


We are fully insured with both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Our Locations

35 minutes from Dublin city & airport.

15 minutes-walk from Trinity College.

The Destination

Nestled between Dublin and Belfast and home to 50,000 people, Drogheda retains a lovely small-town atmosphere and a history that dates back 5,000 years. A safe small town, yet it’s packed with things to see & do. with plenty of high street shops and authentic Irish culture, Drogheda is the perfect destination for groups.

The Destination

As a young modern city Dublin is bustling with art, music, theatre & culture and the city-centre is small and easy to get around. Our school is located just a short stroll from all the best shopping, entertainment and cultural areas, making it an ideal location for students looking for a city experience.

The School

Our large school is located in a beautiful old warehouse building on the waterfront just 5 minutes-walk from the main shopping and cultural areas. Our classrooms are bright & spacious with unique & colourful artwork and comfortable seating. Our café serves delicious snacks and students have plenty of space to relax and unwind in our games room.

The School

Housed in a beautiful building beside the canal, our classrooms have large windows and high ceilings and the open spaces are brightly coloured with interesting artwork and funky furniture. Our café serves both healthy and more indulgent snacks at very affordable prices with comfortable seating and an outdoor garden terrace for when the sun shines.

Facilities & Location

  • 20 Classrooms
  • Located on the waterfront with a view

  • 5 minute-walk from the best attractions.

  • 20-minute commute to host families.

  • Tours and transfers from outside school.

Facilities & Location

  • 11 Classrooms
  • 15 minute-walk from the best attractions
  • Easy access from all forms of public transport.
  • Professional area, safe & quiet Beside the canal, close to Google & Facebook 

Top 5 reasons to choose

  • 1.  Small historic town 30 minutes from Dublin.
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  • 2.  Large beautiful school with games room.
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  • 3.  20-minute bus or walk from host families
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  • 4.  5-minute walk to main areas & shops
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  • 5.  Loads to explore in surrounding area.
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Top 5 reasons to choose

  • 1.  Small, modern city full of history & culture
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  • 2.  Fantastic choice of activities & attractions
  • Your Content Goes Here
  • 3.  Beautiful school, 15 minutes from main areas.
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  • 4.  Perfect for smaller groups, can accept all sizes.
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  • 5.  Safe city, easy to explore and enjoy on foot
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We pride ourselves on implementing the highest levels of guardianship, protection & monitoring standards to ensure every child is provided the best quality care. There are a number of companies providing a form of guardianship service but unfortunately not all are sufficient. We strongly encourage all parents and agents to consider the service each provider will offer and how it will care for their child. Students face many challenges when studying abroad including homesickness, cultural differences and language difficulties. For many this is their first experience away from home and it’s critical that parents choose the right partner so their child is not left feeling alone and unsupported.

What can you expect from our service?

— Expert advice & assistance in finding the right school for your requirements

— A single room in a friendly host family who have been fully inspected by us and vetted by the police

— A detailed orientation on arrival to help students settle into the experience, with training & tips on how to integrate into their family & school and how to make friends.

— Assistance with buying any school uniform or books required.

— Weekly English Club with lessons to help students who are experiencing language difficulties, and to prepare them to sit globally recognised exams.

— A dedicated advisor who will meet each student regularly on an individual basis, at least once per month, and will provide detailed reports after each meeting.

— Regular reports on student progress and attendance at all parent-teacher meetings and official school reports at the end of the programme.

— Mediation if issues arise in the host family or in the school. We always represent the best interests of the child. If changes need to be made we will not hesitate to react

— Dedicated 24/7 support and if your child gets sick or needs assistance we will be there to support them

— We provide support & documentation if students need to apply for a visa or to visit local immigration.

Our families

At ELI we thoroughly believe that finding the right host family is as crucial as finding the right school. Providing a safe & secure home is a basic requirement, but we want much more than this for our students. We want them to immerse themselves in our language and culture, and to engage with it every day. Staying with the right family is critical to feeling truly happy and to creating those memories that will last a lifetime. We are very proud of the welcome our families provide and the relationship we have with them. Although all of our families are paid a fee, money is not their only motivator. The majority have children of their own and can see the value that welcoming a student can bring to their own family. It is this spirit of sharing that helps to create a wonderful experience for all.

The irish education system 

1st year Age 12/13 Makes up the first three years and offers a broad curriculum where students typically study 11 subjects leading up to the first state exam called the Junior Certificate at the end of year 3.

Junior Cycle Subjects
2nd year Age 13/14
3rd year Age 14/15
4th year, TY Age 15/16 Consists of two or three years depending on whether students take the optional year 4 which is called Transition Year (TY). Transition Year offers students a variety of new educational experiences where students are encouraged to try new subjects and to grow and develop both personally and academically. There are no formal exams in TY so students are under less pressure and can explore and expand their horizons, which can in turn help them make better decisions about which subjects to pursue in their final years and beyond. TY also includes a period of work experience and other opportunities to improve practical life skills. The final two years of the senior cycle are year 5 & 6 which culminate in the final state examination called the Leaving Certificate. Students take three core subjects and specialise in three or four elective subjects.

Senior Cycle Subjects
5th year Age 16/17
6th year Age 17/18

Types of school in Ireland

State Schools

State Schools in Ireland are fully funded by the Irish government. Some older schools were originally founded by the religious orders, but all new schools are founded by the government and are usually coeducational or mixed gender. Only students from the EU can apply to State Schools.

Private Schools

Private schools can welcome students from all over the world, including non EU countries. The majority were founded by religious orders in either the Catholic or Protestant faiths. Our partner private schools are a mixture of mixed gender and single gender schools, along with boarding or day schools staying with a host family. Although these schools receive some funding from the Irish government they also charge fees.

Mixed (CO-ED) & Single Gender Schools

Although a growing number of Irish parents are choosing mixed schools as a truer reflection of society, single gender schools still perform better in terms of the number of students progressing to university. Out of the top 40 schools in Ireland, just 20% are mixed. Of course this does not mean that single gender schools provide a better education as a rule, but it’s worth remembering when choosing a school. Often international students can be cautious about single gender schools as they aren’t familiar with them, but in Ireland they are very common and they offer a fantastic option for this type of programme.

Our partner schools

We have developed strong working relationships with the principals and management teams in a range of schools across Ireland. We have selected these schools because of the excellent educational and sporting opportunities they offer. We recognise that every child is unique and we have developed the range of schools we offer to reflect this, so we can provide a school for all requirements. Please contact us for a list of profiles of the schools we work with.

The academic calendar & timetable

The Irish school system is split into two cycles called the Junior Cycle & Senior Cycle completed over a 5 or 6 year period usually from age 12 to 18.

Academic year Start End Lenght
Term 1 September December 4 Months
Term 2 January Easter 3-4 Months
Term 3 Easter June 2 Months

Holiday & Mid-Term Breaks

It is expected that students will return home for the extended school holidays at Christmas & Easter. If students wish to stay in Ireland during the period we can arrange a welcoming host family. Students may also choose to return home during mid-term. Alternatively, for students who want to maximise their time we will offer an optional language and activity camp during each mid-term break.

English Club

For all students based in Dublin, we offer a free English Club every Wednesday afternoon which includes an English class to help students who are having language difficulties, and those that want to prepare to sit the Cambridge exams. This also gives another opportunity to meet our team.

The application process

1.  Initially we ask for a profile of the student including their date of birth, their interests, hobbies & sports they like and other important requirements. Based on the information supplied we will suggest 2-3 schools we think match your requirements

2. Once satisfied with these options we ask for completed application documents and we apply to selected schools on your behalf.

Confirmation documents

  • Places in schools are typically confirmed in the weeks after the Easter holidays, although we will be able to give a
    strong indication of availability prior to this.
  • Students and parents should note that if applying after Easter many of the more popular school choices may be full. However, we will always be able to find a suitable school for your needs.
  • Once the school place has been confirmed we will supply confirmation documents including acceptance letters, book lists & uniform requirements, and school calendars. For state schools these documents are typically available in the weeks after the end of the academic year in June.
  • Once flight information has been received, we will send a detailed host family profile along with your dedicated advisor.
    We aim to send these documents a full 6 weeks prior to arrival.

The first four weeks

— Every student is personally met on arrival by us or their host family or both

— On the day after arrival we host a full day orientation where we give students an introduction to the programme, what to expect from high school and how we can help and support them

— They’ll get to know their advisors and fellow participants with games and activities designed to settle the nerves and ease students into their new adventure.

— The first weekend is spent getting to know the host family and their area. The family will bring the student to buy theirschool uniform and will bring them to school on their first day

— On their first day of school students will be introduced to their year-head or Deputy Principal who will give them a tour of the school, help them to pick their subjects, and give them their timetable.

— ELI advisors will meet students within the first two weeks and ensure they are happy and have everything they need.

— The host family will help purchase the school books once the students are settled in school and are happy with their subjects and their level.

Enquiry and application

The first step of the application process is to send us a short profile of the student. This should include the name, age & date of birth and any interests or hobbies or other relevant information. We will then suggest 2-3 school options that we feel match the requirements. Once students, parents and agents are happy to proceed a full application must be sent which should include:

  • Completed application form

  • Copy of student’s passport or birth certificate

  • Health certificate – a letter from a doctor outlining any medical issues or prescribed medication.

  • Recent school reports (2 years) – original copy and a copy translated into English. This translation does not need to be official. It just needs to indicate clearly the subjects taken and an indication of the high low marking scheme.

Local Partners

At ELI we have a policy of preferring to work with agency partners when welcoming students on our programme. This is not because we don’t value the relationship we have with parents, it’s more about how much we value the services local agent partners can provide. Aside from speaking the same language and being in the same time zone, it can be very reassuring for parents to have a local contact they can personally visit for support throughout the experience. The local partners we work with are all experienced professionals and can help parents with expert advice at every stage of the programme.

Confirmation of place

Places will be 100% confirmed in the weeks following the Easter holidays in the year prior to entry. Therefore, if a student has applied to start in Term 1, their place will be 100% confirmed in the weeks after the Easter break, approximately 5-6 months prior to arrival.

If the application is received after Easter, places will be confirmed as soon as possible but this process can take 3-4 weeks. We will be able to advise late applications of a reasonable time frame for confirmation.

Would you like more information?

If you would like more information on our programme, including a simple explanation of the Irish Education system and the type of schools we work with, please contact us on hello@elischools.com

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