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 Student life

There is so much more to life at ELI than the time spent in the classroom. We know our students want to maximise their experience with us while making new friends and using English all the time. That’s why we’ve created a range of activities and tours to ensure students get to explore and enjoy the city and culture while having a wonderful time and developing their language skills at every opportunity.


Our dedicated social staff will organise a varied and fun programme of tours, visits, parties and more throughout the year. The timetable will include a variety of free and paid entry activities in the afternoon and evening.


Our free walking tour is a key part of our warm welcome. You’ll get to know the city, where the shops are and where to buy practical things like travel cards. We also offer walking tours of the suburbs and surrounds, taking students off the tourist trail offering them a chance to get to know the places the locals like to keep a secret.


Expand your learning opportunities with free teacher-led workshops which are open to all.

It’s not all about having fun though. Find out more about Learning with ELI

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