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Why Ireland?

Ireland is a small, safe and beautiful country. It is located on an island in North West Europe and it is the primary English-speaking country in the EU. It has a population of 4.5 million, where 50% of the people are under the age of 30. Ireland is famous for hospitality and the Irish people are naturally warm & welcoming.

 ELI – English Language Institute

At ELI we strive to provide the highest standards in everything we do to ensure our students have a truly rewarding and unforgettable experience. Our goal is for our students to be inspired by our professional teachers, excited by the activities and events in our schools, and to be transformed through their experience at ELI. We believe our students deserve the best and this informs every decision we make. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in our buildings and facilities and selected two fantastic locations.


Nestled between Dublin and Belfast and home to 50,000 people, Drogheda retains a lovely small-town atmosphere yet it’s packed with things to see & do. Whether it’s the world famous Newgrange passage tomb, or Ireland’s largest theme park, Drogheda has something for everyone. Located less than one hour from Dublin in the beautiful Boyne Valley, Drogheda is the perfect destination for students of all ages.

Our large school is located in a beautiful old warehouse building on the waterfront just 5 minutes-walk from the main shopping and cultural areas. Our classrooms are bright & spacious with unique & colourful artwork and comfortable seating. Our café serves delicious snacks and students have plenty of space to relax and unwind in our games room. We have a large computer area and a self-access student library.

Top 5 reasons to choose Drogheda
1. Small historic town 50 minutes from Dublin.
2. Small-town atmosphere, unique Irish feel.
3. Short commute to all accommodation.
4. Large beautiful school in the centre of town.
5. Newgrange, Belfast & beautiful beaches & countryside all within easy reach.

– Located on the waterfront with a lovely view.
– 5 minute-walk from the main areas.
– Easy access from all forms of public transport.
– Tours and transfers depart outside the school.

– 25 Classrooms.
– A café & student lounge with games area.
– Free WIFI & computer room.
– Self-access library.

Host Families
– 15-minute to the city centre & school.
– Recruited, inspected & police checked by ELI.

– 20-minute bus to the city & school.
– Mixture of single & twin rooms.


As a young modern city Dublin is bustling with art, music, theatre & culture and the city-centre is small and easy to get around. Our school is located just a short stroll from all the best shopping, entertainment and cultural areas, making it an ideal location for students looking for a city experience.

Housed in a beautiful building beside the canal, our classrooms have large windows and high ceilings and the open spaces are brightly coloured with interesting artwork and funky furniture. Our café serves both healthy and more indulgent snacks at very affordable prices with comfortable seating and an outdoor garden terrace for when the sun shines.

Top 5 reasons to choose Dublin
1. Small, modern city full of history and culture.
2. Fantastic choice of activities & attractions.
3. Beautiful school, 15 minutes from main areas.
4. Perfect for smaller groups, can accept all sizes.
5.  Safe city, easy to explore and enjoy on foot.

– 15 minute-walk from the best attractions.
– Easy access from all forms of public transport.
– Professional area, safe & quiet.
– Beside the canal, close to Google & Facebook.

– 10 Classrooms.
– A café, front garden & computer area.
– Free WIFI & computer area.

Host Families
– 40-minute bus/train to the city & school.
– Recruited, inspected & police checked by ELI.

– 40-minute bus/train to the city & school.
– Recruited, inspected & police checked by ELI.

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