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 Learning with ELI

We have designed our curriculum and teaching methodology to match the highest international standards, yet we personalise our approach so we can meet the needs of every individual learner. All of our services are designed to deliver real results for every student.


Our teaching staff are all university graduates with internationally recognised teaching qualifications and significant teaching experience both in Ireland and abroad.


All our students are assessed individually. We use an online test pre-arrival and a speaking test on their first day to assess their level, with weekly tests thereafter to track their progress.


Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 15 students, which means our teachers have time to focus on the individual needs of every student in the class and can adapt their lesson plans as required.


Our curriculum is carefully planned and mapped to the Common European Framework ensuring a global standard.


For every level we teach, our curriculum is made up of clearly defined skills and abilities, so at every step you know what you need to achieve.


Our academic team will guide you through each level with a defined course and workbook, along with high quality materials with real life context and a suitable use of technology.

 Levels, abilities & qualifications

Our level scale is based on the Council of Europe global scale of levels and the language descriptors of the Common European Framework.

CEFR ELI Levels Exams
A1 Elementary You have basic understanding, can understand simple sentences and can introduce yourself
A2 Pre-intermediate KET, ISE Foundation You can understand people if they speak slowly and about familiar topics, and can give people basic instructions
B1 Intermediate PET, ISE I You can speak quite freely on everyday topics and can enjoy conversations with people when speaking about familiar topics
B2 Upper-intermediate FCE, ISE II You can understand extended speech in movies, lectures or news programmes, and can interact with native speakers with a degree of fluency
C1 Advanced CAE, ISE III You can understand more complex texts even if the content is unfamiliar, can write accurately with few mistakes and can express yourself on a variety of topics without pausing
C2 Very Advanced CPE, ISE IV You have no difficulty in understanding any speech on film or in person, can read with ease virtually any text, and can speak freely

 Free Workshops

Expand your learning opportunities with free teacher-led workshops which are open to all. The topics covered vary throughout the year but can include:


In this weekly session our staff will provide students with advice on how to structure and format their CV, and provide practical information on how to find work and how to apply.


Our teaching staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in other areas and we encourage them to share this with our students through interesting lectures and presentations.


Enjoy watching the most popular movies in English with the added benefit of guided group discussion with an ELI staff member.


Improve your speaking fluency while gaining confidence and having fun.


Learn more about the Irish and other international cultures through presentations and demonstrations in English.

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