8 tips to increase the effectiveness of your study

We often say that the benefit that we draw from the study of any field is the direct result of time and the desire we give to the aforementioned task. While this is totally true, in the specific field of languages we have to take into account a series of variants so that our results are really satisfactory.

We encourage you to try to meet all the parameters, and not some, and we assure you that the fruits obtained will be remarkable. Here they go!


1.Write the new vocabulary that you are acquiring. One of the most used resources by any self-respecting language student. The reason is simple: It is always effective. Similarly, the detail that makes the difference is to write the term plus a sentence that contextualises it.

2. Become a reading fanatic. Reading newspapers, online articles, novels or non-fiction books of your interest is the best strategy for integrating all the language that you are learning in class plus learning new expressions and increase your vocabulary.

3. Join language exchange meetings. Nowadays we are communication more through the use of instant messaging and emojis than face to face, and this makes the practice of the speaking skills more difficult. That’s why, joining a language exchange meeting is a crucial strategy to improve your English.

4. Discover journalism and English entertainment channels. Another good tactic that will help you complement your learning is the online subscription to websites, blogs and YouTube channels in English. In this way you will tune in to the written and spoken language, while learning about a subject that you are passionate about.

5. Travelling. If the occasion arises, do not hesitate to travel abroad. All those students who have lived the experience of language immersion in the country of origin agree that in addition to learning, they learn aspects of the native culture that exponentially increase their level.

6. Take advantage of your classes and ask any questions that may arise. The student of languages ​​should not be a passive subject during the classes. Asking the teacher all those issues and difficulties will save many confusing situations once the concepts are put into practice.

7. Identify your weaknesses and work on overcoming them. In every multifaceted learning process there can always be a area that is more difficult to us than others. It[‘s important to acknowledge the weaknesses and work on them. This will help you move up levels faster.

8. Be aware that it is a matter of time. Bilingualism is not achieved overnight; it is a process that requires discipline and dedication for a considerable period of time. Flow the advice in the previous points and try to reassure yourself so that you do not feel overwhelmed or experience anxiety during those days when you do not get the results expected.

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