6 YouTube channels to help you improve your English

The digital era has opened a new world of possibilities from which we can benefit and not simply  entertain ourselves. Even more so if we take into account that many educators from around the world use these means to transmit their knowledge in a massive, simple and accessible way.


Today we bring you 6 channels of the popular YouTube video social network so you can practice aspects of the English language while consuming quality content through your videos. Here they go!

1. Business English Pod. Especially designed for professionals dedicated to the field of finance and business. This channel is especially useful for intermediate to advanced students and it gives practical advice on the routine of business activity.

2. English friends. The ideal channel for all those who are becoming familiar with the language or those who seek to dust off the knowledge acquired a while ago. It is a channel led by two friends who periodically upload new and quality content about different resources related to the English language and with a prominent technical finish.

3.Tutorials in English. As its name suggests, this channel regularly releases mini classes on various important aspects of the English language from basic to advanced levels. The development of the videos is schematic, simple and really effective.

4.SELVA English. The videos in this channel are especially addressed to intermediate students. The creator and protagonist of the videos communicates all the content in English and her subjects revolve mainly around  grammatical aspects of the language.

5. Real English. The creators of this channel had the original idea of ​​showing videos of everyday situations of the English language accompanied by subtitles that support the audio presented in the videos. Review exercises are also available to all subscribers to practice what is taught in the videos.

6.Jared Hendricks English. With more than 100,000 subscribers, its content is especially for students at beginner level. In this channel, we can find many step-by-step videos on different aspects of the language.

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