5 benefits that learning languages

We all know that learning languages has many benefits, not only academic and professional but also personal and cultural. Yet, there are more benefits to learning languages and many recent studies agree that language learning represents an unbeatable method of brain training, which in turn provides prevention of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


In the present post we show you the benefits of learning languages, in this case, from the point of view of the brain and its training:

1. It improves our memory. The daily effort we make to retain the vocabulary and grammar rules has its effects on daily cognitive retention.

2. It Increases in gray matter. This substance that is inside our brain and serves to connect its different sections is increased with the learning of languages.

3. It improves our concentration. It is empirically demonstrated that bilinguals have a higher degree of concentration when performing different tasks than people who only speak one language.

4. It prevents possible brain diseases. Diseases such as dementia are mostly prevented by mental exercises such as language learning. This method can be more effective than any type of preventive medication.

5. The acquisition of third and fourth languages ​​becomes easier. This is because our brain has gained plasticity from learning a second language.

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